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jeff giosi

Jeff cherished life and pursued it to the fullest. He loved his bride, Sarah Giosi, and their two boys, Arlen and Mackie, with his whole heart and claimed them as his greatest blessing, joy and legacy. 


Driven by the pursuit of deep connections, ultimate truth and authentic relationships, Jeff is revered by all who knew him as a man of God, a faithful husband, devoted father, son, friend, hero, mentor and “brother.”

"Love like you're going to die tomorrow. Dream like you're going to live forever. " - Jeff Giosi

Jeff entered the world on April 12th, 1980, in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York. In his short, but full, 40 years he called several states home, but was a Mountaineer through and through. Jeff attended West Virginia University earning a B.S. in Physical Education/Teacher Education and an M.S. in Strength and Conditioning. He served as a student athlete at W.V.U. and then continued on as an integral part of the W.V.U. athletic department as a strength and conditioning coach from 2002 to 2008. For a short time, Jeff followed the call to North Carolina where he proudly served as a firefighter for the Greenville Fire-Rescue Department and a Fire Academy educator.


After North Carolina, Jeff went to Michigan to work with his mentor, world-renowned strength coach, Mike Barwis. Jeff trained all levels of athletes-from amateur and college to Olympic and professional-but before long, those country roads led Jeff back home to West Virginia, where he belonged.


In 2014, Jeff became the proud owner of Crossfit Morgantown and adopted the slogan, “Friendship, Love, Loyalty.” He devoted himself to this community, coaching each member, not only in wellness, but in life. He encouraged everyone he met to believe they could become the best version of themselves-the person he believed them to be. Jeff would often say, “My goal when I wake up is to encourage and inspire everyone I come in contact with.”


Jeff believed that what we do, say and think in any instant is the essence of life- “Because we aren’t guaranteed anything else.” Jeff embraced the ideal memento mori, which means “Remember You Must Die,” and he urged others to, “Love like you are going to die tomorrow; dream like you are going to live forever.”


Jeff loved fully, and his relationship with Christ empowered him to be unabashedly authentic and to love recklessly. He trusted that God’s plan is sovereign and that He shapes us in every circumstance, good or bad. Without a doubt, Jeff wanted everyone he met to seize God’s trajectory for their own life, and to be a beacon of all that is good in the world.